Inspired Life Low Fodmap coaching

Inspired Life Low Fodmap Coach

Low Fodmap Diet Coaching

If you have been suffering for years or even decades from IBS symptoms, let today be the last day you suffer from pain. Low Fodmap coaching will transform your life.

Inspired Life Coaching Program

A 6-week one-on-one coaching program with customized meal plans and email and telephone support. This program will eliminate your irritable bowel symptoms and will help you create a new balanced lifestyle which will support your IBS.

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IBS Recipe for Success

A 22-day course which will lead you through the steps of the low Fodmap diet and will teach you how to integrate the diet into your life. This course is for those who like the do-it-yourself approach but with the help of a wealth of information.

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Who am I?

I’m Suzanne Perazzini – Your IBS Liberator

I am a certified nutritional therapist specializing in IBS and the low Fodmap diet, qualified teacher, award-winning author and fulltime low Fodmap diet coach. My website, Strands of My Life features low Fodmap recipes, videos and articles on IBS and the diet. I have been featured on numerous podcasts, I have articles on several large health websites and have had many of my recipes published in hard copy magazines. I have suffered from IBS all my life and after having my life transformed by the low Fodmap diet I now dedicate my days to coaching others on how to eliminate their IBS symptoms once and for all. I am fortunate enough to see people’s lives revolutionized every day through my coaching work and I want to get this message and solution out to the whole world. It drives me crazy that there are so many who don’t know there is an answer to all this suffering. My greatest moments have been turning a 3-year-old Indian girl from a child curled up in the corner in pain to a happy child playing out in the yard with her friends, and helping an 83-year-old woman, who had suffered horribly all her life, discover that there is peace on earth after all. I would love you to become another of my success stories.

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