So, you are on a diet for your tummy issues

  • Are you bored to death with having the same meals over and over again?

  • Do you have no idea how to infuse flavour into low Fodmap food?

  • Are you cooking separate meals for you and your family?

  • Are you stumped on how to create a balanced low Fodmap meal that has the combinations right?

  • Do you want to create tasty, healthy meals that are fast to get on the table?

  • Are you desperate for recipes that will cover you for several meals?

Then this is your LUCKY DAY!

The IBS-Friendly Cooking School will teach you how to...

  • inject flavour into all your meals

  • create meals for the whole family

  • make quick, healthy meals

  • prepare food for more than one meal

  • produce impressive meals for guests

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Join the IBS-Friendly Cooking School Early Bird List

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Hi, I'm Suzanne

I am a certified nutritional therapist specializing in IBS and the low Fodmap diet, qualified teacher, award-winning author and fulltime low Fodmap diet coach. My website, Strands of My Life features low Fodmap recipes, videos and articles on IBS and the diet. I have been featured on numerous podcasts, I have articles on several large health websites and have had many of my recipes published in hard copy magazines. I have suffered from IBS all my life and after having my life transformed by the low Fodmap diet I now dedicate my days to coaching others on how to eliminate their IBS symptoms once and for all. I am fortunate enough to see people’s lives revolutionized every day through my coaching work and I want to get this message and solution out to the whole world.

What is included in the IBS-Friendly Cooking School?

  • 5 full videos on how to cook 5 different dinner recipes that can also be used for lunch the next day. The link to these will be sent to you by email.

  • Detailed downloadable written recipes for all videos with measurements in cups, grams and ounces.

  • 1 live Q&A session, which will be recorded in case you can’t attend.

  • 1 live training session on infusing flavour and how to combine Fodmaps, which will be recorded in case you can’t attend.

  • A private Facebook group for support and sharing the results. Participation in this will be optional.

  • Maybe some BONUS videos for those wanting snack and breakfast recipes. To be confirmed.

The next IBS-Friendly Cooking School starts later in the year - times to be announced.

After attending the school, you will have a much better idea of how to put together quick, tasty IBS-friendly meals for yourself and your family. With the additional benefit of being able to wow your friends with your culinary skills when they come over for dinner. No more boring meals for you!

Ready to get started making delicious IBS-Friendly meals?

Join the Early Bird List for the next Cooking School

Join the IBS-Friendly Cooking School Early Bird List

I value your privacy and would never spam you


Will I get to ask my questions? +

You will have plenty of opportunity to ask questions and get support through the live Q&A sessions and the Facebook group, where I will reside for the entirety of the Cooking School.

Is this school really for me? +

If you know you need to  be on an IBS-friendly diet for your gut issues but have no idea how to create a tasty, healthy meal out of the limited number of foods you know are safe, then this Cooking School will be perfect for you.

Which countries can participate in this workshop? +

This workshop is open to anyone from any country. The only thing you need is an internet connection.

I may not be able to attend all the live sessions. Will I miss out on all that information? +

No, you will not miss out. All live sessions will be recorded and will be held in the online Cooking School hub for you to access whenever you want.

Will this Cooking School suit me if I have reflux? +

Yes. 80% of those with IBS have reflux so all recipes will be reflux friendly.

What kind of gut issues will this Cooking School be suitable for? +

The recipes will follow the low Fodmap diet guidelines. This medical diet is suitable for those with IBS and IBD as well as general gut issues like bloating, excess gas, diarrhea and constipation.

Will I need a lot of specialized cooking equipment and exotic ingredients for these recipes? +

No, just the usual though a small food processor is always handy but not essential. The ingredients will be simple every day foods.

I have to be completely dairy-free. Will these recipes be suitable for me? +

Yes. Most recipes will be dairy-free but I will be giving dairy-free alternatives if necessary.

I am vegetarian. Will there be anything suitable for me in the Cooking School? +

Yes. Some recipes will be vegetarian and I will be giving vegetarian alternatives for most other recipes.

What kind of measurements will you be using in the recipes? +

I will be using grams, ounces and in many cases cups to suit different nationalities.

Do I have to be on Facebook to participate in the Cooking School? +

No, it is optional. You will receive all information by email. The Facebook group is for those who want to interact with others and show photos of the food they have made.

How do I get started with joining the Cooking School? +

You start by clicking on the blue Join Now button. You can pay through Paypal or with your credit card. You will then be asked to register for the Cooking School and create your own personal login details for the online Cooking School Hub. You will then receive an email with initial instructions. While you are waiting for the Cooking School to officially start, you will be able to have a look around the Cooking School Hub at the bonus videos and find the schedule for the live sessions.

I have a question. How do I get in touch with you? +

If you have a question, please email me at lowfodmapcoach@gmail.com.